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Nationwide Training For Remote Health Workers Launched

Nationwide Training For Remote Health Workers Launched

Female Health Workers known as “Marwo-Caafimaad” are being trained by the Ministries of health of the FGS And Federal Member States of Somalia.

The Federal Member States of Jubaland, Southwest and HirShabelle States have launched a 45-day training for Female Health Workers while Puntland and Galmudug State are preparing to launch the training in about a week.

“We are aiming to provide substantial Health Service coverage of the remote districts and regions of Somalia through Marwo Caafimaad program by encouraging communities to seek health service advice from their ladies employed in the program. Communities and families will benefit from this program by getting to know how they would approach their health services needs. Families and communities also receive emergency health service support package from the Female Health Workers.”  Said RCRF Somalia Coordinator, Abdulkadir Suleiman.

This program is supported through the RCRF project at the FGS Ministry of Finance and managed by the Ministry of Health; and is one of largest ever implemented in Somalia. Hundreds of mostly young Somali nurses and community members joined this project whose aim to extend health assistance to the remote areas of the county where health care is much needed.

Many mothers and the children they gave birth to have not had any form assistance or health facilities to go to for even a minor check up, and the few that had been available are beyond the reach of the mothers due to high fees.

The Female Health Workers selected from villages, towns, districts and cities of all Somalia States will go house to house in the community for information about the health of the mother and child of each house and provide them with medicine and where they see the mother and child’s health are critical beyond their ability to treat, then they will refer to free treatment in their local hospital.

The Ministry of Health of HirShabelle State have selected Female Health Workers from Jowhar, Bal’ad, Beledweyne and Bulo-barde districts of Hiran and Lower Shabelle regions of Somalia, a total of 107 female health workers are attending which include 7 supervisors.

The ministry of Health of Jubaland launched the FHW training in Kismao and Dhoobley while Bardhere and Dolow will kick off soon. In all four districts of Jubaland they will also train 107 FHWs. 

The Ministry of Health of Southwest State has launched Female Health Workers 45-day training program #MarwoCaafimaad. Female trainees were selected from Hudur, Waajid, Baidoa, Barawe, Afgoi and Marko districts. FHW program will train female members of the community to provide health services for mothers.

Puntland Ministry of Health and Galmudug Ministry of Health are in preparation stage to train FHWs selected from their districts and villages. Puntland organised this week a refreshing training for ToTs, and both are expected to launch the FHS.


The Marwo-Caafimaad program is not only aimed at training the FHWs but also endeavors to provide essential supplies to the communities at their respective jurisdictions and refer the needy to the closest health facilities. This will gradually increase health coverage across districts and towns of Somalia. These coordinated activities under the program will further improve in harmonizing the existing fragmented health programs support by different partners by devising and implementing government’s health policies and strategies.


The World Bank supported RCRF phase III project will provide US$10 million of health sector financing through country system, including supporting scale-up of the FHW program from about 600 workers being trained and reaching to 3,000 workers across all FMS and Benadir by 2023 and essential investments in government contract management capabilities a well.

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