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Puntland Holds Historic 1P1V Local Elections

Puntland Holds Historic 1P1V Local Elections

The North Eastern Somali regional state of Puntland has become the first state to conduct its own local elections for the first time in 50 years.

The election is taking take place in three districts of Eyl, Qardho and Ufayn.

More than 37,000 voters lined up to cast their ballots, security has been tightened in the region, and international observers are watching the polls.

In Qardo district, 20,620 people will cast their ballots, while in Eyl district, 8,671 people will cast their votes. Ufeyn district has also registered 8,287 voters.

Among the people voting is Puntland state leader, Said Abdullahi Deni who is the party leader of KAAH.

The election will continue until 6pm tonight, after which preparations will be made for the counting of votes and the announcement of the results

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