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Roble-appointed Gender Quota Committee Gives Updates

Roble-appointed Gender Quota Committee Gives Updates

The chairperson of the Women’s quota committee recently appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, Mrs Batula Sheikh Ahmed Gaballe, said the allocation of women-specific seats has been progressing at a slow pace in the ongoing federal elections in Somalia.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC’s Somali service, Batula said the electoral process has so far been marred with more male candidature. She expressed fears that the 30% women’s quota may not be fully achieved.

“We have projections of the number of seats but due to the large number of male contestants, we may not realise the 30% quota,” she said. She added, “We believe that this will lead to better results given that the collaboration and the pledges we got as well as the structure of the electoral process will uphold the rights of women.”

Batulo also expressed hope over the upcoming Lower House elections, saying for every three seats, one must be for women.

“We are seeking to have clans reserve one seat for women from every three seats, if they fail to ensure that, then together with their male candidates, they will not participate in the elections,” Batulo Sheikh Ahmed Gaballe reiterated.

Her sentiments come as most states were set to conclude the Upper House elections in the next few days before the onset of the Lower House elections.

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