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AMISOM troops commended for their support and operations in HirShabelle State

AMISOM troops commended for their support and operations in HirShabelle State

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Sector 5 forces in Jowhar, have been commended for their exemplary role in helping secure elections and for their support in improving infrastructure in HirShabelle State of Somalia.

On Sunday, HirShabelle State Vice President, Yusuf Ahmed Hagar ‘Dabageed’, officially inaugurated renovation works completed by AMISOM and partners at Mohamed Dheere Airport in Jowhar. He also commended AMISOM for working closely with Somali security forces to secure the recently concluded Upper House elections in the state.

Vice President Dabageed and his entourage were warmly received by AMISOM Sector 5 Commander, Brig. Gen. Télesphore Barandereka, at the Sector Headquarters within the airport complex in Jowhar where the two held a closed-door meeting.

AMISOM Sector 5 Commander Brig. Gen Barandereka later said that the Vice President had commended AMISOM troops in Jowhar for their hard work in successfully securing, in conjunction with Somali forces, the HirShabelle State Upper House elections as well as for their role in degrading the threats posed by Al-Shabaab terrorists in their area of responsibility.

“The Vice President brought a message of gratitude for Burundi troops of AMISOM for the way they are helping to restore security in HirShabelle State, and particularly how they worked hard to secure the senatorial elections,” Brig. Gen. Barandereka said.

The Sector Commander said AMISOM forces in HirShabelle State were also praised for, “other works that they continue to carry out in their area of responsibility which covers part of HirShabelle State; he mentioned activities to degrade the Al-Shabaab threat, activities to help the people of HirShabelle, and activities to improve the infrastructure of the State of HirShabelle,” 

He added that the HirShabelle Vice President unveiled the newly upgraded runway at the Mohamed Dheere Airport in Jowhar town.

“The Vice President officially inaugurated the runway of Jowhar Airport after expansion works carried out by the Burundi contingent and its partners so that airplanes can land there. Previously, the airport could only accommodate helicopters, but now, after the expansion, the airport accommodates freighters that bring in containers. In other words, it meets international standards,” he added.

Brig Gen Barandereka also said the HirShabelle Vice President acknowledged AMISOM’s effort in enhancing the knowledge and the capacity of HirShabelle State police through training and mentorship. 

“He also thanked us for other activities that we have carried out, such as the training that we provide in favour of the security forces of HirShabelle to increase their capacity, so that they are prepared to take over the responsibilities of security for their country when AMISOM finally withdraws,” he said.

AMISOM works closely and supports the Somalia National Army (SNA) in the fight against terrorism in Somalia.

In Jowhar, HirShabelle State, AMISOM and SNA forces often conduct joint security patrols to clear main supply routes of improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and to secure population centres against armed groups.

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