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HirShabelle President appoints new directors

HirShabelle President appoints new directors

HirShabelle state president Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Gudlawe) has appointed new ministry directors on Monday.

In a statement, Ali Gudlawe fired the directors of the security and planning ministries of the regional state, following a proposal from the ministers of the two ministries.

The statement said that Mohamed Muhumad Abdulle has been appointed as the new director of the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Regional Relations in the Hirshabelle region, replacing Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan.

Abdirahman Abdi Rage, the former director of the Ministry of Security, was fired and Mukhtar Mohamed Abdulle was appointed to the post.

“The President of HirShabelle Mr. Ali Gudlawe Hussein has dismissed the Director of the Ministry of Security of HirShabelle Mr. Abdirahman Abdi Rage and appointed Mr. Mukhtar Mohamed Abdulle to the post,” the statement read.


The new directors were instructed to work with the new officials and the president ordered them to take over their responsibilities immediately.


This comes a day after Gudlawe fired the chairman of the administration’s refugee agency as well as the chairman of the Middle Shabelle regional court and appointed other officials.

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