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UN head Swan urges regonal states to conclude senate polls

UN head Swan urges regonal states to conclude senate polls

United Nations envoy to Somalia James Swan has called on regional governments to complete the process and hold elections for the remaining seats in the Upper House.

During the senate elections for Somaliland representatives in the federal Parliament., the head of the UN in Somalia said that the second phase of the National Elections was needed.

”Attending a portion of the Upper House elections in a show of solidarity, 

UN Special Rep. James Swan urged Somalia’s Federal Member States and SEIT to complete the remaining Upper House polls immediately and shift focus to preparations for the House of the People vote,”

“It is important that the Federal and State Electoral Commissions now focus on Phase 2 of the Federal Elections, and begin preparations for the Parliamentary Elections, in a timely manner and in accordance with the May 27 agreement. complete the National Elections and be credible. ” he added.

Six senators were today elected to represent Somaliland in the Senate on Wednesday while the remai ning five senators are set to be elected today.

Among senators elected include two minister Osman Abukar Dubbe and Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi who served as speaker of Senate from 2016 and Professor Abdi Samatar, a university don in Minnesota.


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