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Puntland Maritime Police Official Killed In Garowe

Puntland Maritime Police Official Killed In Garowe

A senior official of the Puntland Maritime Police Force has last night been killed in the outskirts of Garowe.

The killing took place in Laanta Hawada area, east of Garowe town in Nugal region, according to security officials.

The slain officer identified as Botan Mohamed Botan, was allegedly killed after Quarrelling with a police officer.

Nugal Regional Police Commander Mohamed Aden Jama (Degelle) told the media that the assailant was arrested in Budunbuto area while trying to flee the scene.

The incident comes barely three days after Puntland presidential guard killed a civilian woman after they opened fire on a vehicle she was driving on the outskirts of Garowe town.

The authorities of Puntland did not comment on the incident which claimed the life of the woman identified as Maryan Ahmed Mohamed


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