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Int'l Partners Urge Somali leaders to reduce political tensions

Int'l Partners Urge Somali leaders to reduce political tensions

Somalia’s international partners have expressed concern about ‘controversy surrounding the disappearance of Ms Ikran Tahlil Farah’ on Tuesday and urged the Somali leaders to prioritize the upcoming national elections.

The partners, including the African Union, European Union and the United Nations raised fear renewed tensions could ‘disrupt the electoral process.

”We urge Somali leaders to de-escalate the political confrontation surrounding this investigation and, in particular, avoid any actions that could lead to violence,” the statement read in part.

”We call on Somalia’s leaders to work together to advance the implementation of the 27 May Agreement toward the holding of elections, recognizing the progress made to date by the National Consultative Council under the effective leadership of Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.” the statement read.

We continue to engage a wide range of Somali leaders to urge for a rapid resolution of this dispute, including a credible investigation of Ikran’s disappearance and the completion of the electoral process without any further delay.

The statement came as the Horn of the African nation top leaders have exchanged punches over the successor of the immediate former chief of the country’s national intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) barely two days after President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo nullified the suspension of spy agency boss Fahad Yassin.

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