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PM Roble Dismisses NISA Chief Fahad Yassin

PM Roble Dismisses NISA Chief Fahad Yassin

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Roble has sacked national intelligence chief, Fahad Yasin, over the death of female intelligence officer Ikran Tahlil.

In a statement, the premier appointed former NISA Chief Major General Bashir Mohamed Jama as the caretaker intelligence director.

The premier instructed Fahad to hand over power to the new director within three days.

After few hours Somali president President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo rejected Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble’s decision to sack Fahad Yasin. In a statement, the president ordered Fahad Yasin to resume duties.

”President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has directed Mr Fahad Yassin to continue his duties as the director of the National Intelligence & Security Agency,” said Abdirashid Hashi, Director of Communications of The Presidency.

The development came hours after Fahad issued a letter demanding convening the National Security Council the murder of a female spy agent.

PM Roble directed Yasin on Saturday to furnish him with a report on the death of Ikran within 48 hours. That timeline expires by Sunday night.

On Thursday, the intelligence agency claimed Ikran Tahlil was abducted and killed by al-Qaida affiliated group Al-Shabaab.

She was missing from June 26 raising a storm with her family constantly asking the government to explain her disappearance or produce her. Politicians also picked up the issue and made it a campaign subject

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