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Deni To Sponsor Puntland Top Student

Deni To Sponsor Puntland Top Student

Puntland state leader Said Abdullahi Deni,  said he will sponsor Yakub Yusuf who emerged as the top student in the recently released Puntland State national examinations.

Deni made the remarks at the Puntland Education Development Conference, which opened in Garowe today, to review progress in education and challenges.

“I will sponsor the Yakub Yusuf. I want to promise here that his university education will be guaranteed by my office. I hope that he benefits from this sponsorship,” Deni said.

The president of the regional state said the scholarship promised to Yaqub Warsame was to encourage him and all other students who are struggling for their education.

Deni said students need to be encouraged to lead their country in the future, as they acquire knowledge that is relevant to their community.

Yaqub Mursal Yusuf, a former student at Bossaso High School, scored 99.14% on the exam. He almost passed the exam 100% in the 2020/2021 school year.

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