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Ilwad Blames Elman FC Mismanagement For Team Relegation

Ilwad Blames Elman FC Mismanagement For Team Relegation

Somali activist Ilwad Elman has pointed out poor leadership and mismanagement as a big problem ailing the Elman Sports Club.

In a statement the young female activist said she is working on the ”REAL Elman Football club” and there will be changes soon.

”I’m in my feels not because they lost, but because of the greed, corruption and poor management that wouldn’t uphold this legacy,” Elman said adding ”When the team wins I’m not involved but when they lose I’m accused. Better luck next time,”

The statement by Elman comes after Elman FC stay in the Somali Serie A came to an end after losing 2-1 to Jeenyo FC.

Elman Sports Club is a club based in the Wadajir district of Mogadishu. It is best known for the football team, which competes in the top level of the Somali Premier League, Locally, it is known primarily by the nickname “The Yellows”, which represents “The Colour of the team”.

The club was founded by Somali social activities Elman Ali Ahmed.

Elman FC is a football club based in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

It is the most successful sports club in the country and holds a national record of 15 official football trophies, Six Title of Somali Premier League, three Somali General Daoud Cups, Five Somali Super Cups and One Somali Stars League.

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