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SNA & Galmudug forces retake new areas from Al-Shabab 

SNA & Galmudug forces retake new areas from Al-Shabab 

Joint Armed Forces that operate in Galmudug gain victory against Alshabaab as also airstrike was conducted. 


Galmudug security forces in cooperation with Somali National Army conducted an offensive operations to liberate its territories from the terrorist group of alshabab whom were attacking civilians and villages inside Galmudug, the operations were successful and victorious as we have liberated alshabab from Important bases.


Yesterday, 20th July at approximately 11:00 am airstrikes occurred in the southern mudug region where joint SNA forces, Danab commandos together with Galmudug forces are currently fighting against Al-Shabab. 


The aim of the strike was to protect the brave armed forces who are facing the enemy and the strikes was successfully conducted as there were zero civilian casualties involved.


“Our Joint forces were victorious after their operations today against Al-Shabab insurgents,” said the Minister of Internal Security of Galmudug State of Somalia who is currently at the frontline.


Galmudug state is committed to continuing these operations to make sure its citizens are free from al-Shabab’s cruel actions.

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