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Somalia condemns Al-Shabaab Suicide Bombing
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Somalia condemns Al-Shabaab Suicide Bombing

The Somali government has condemned the Al-Shabaab attack suicide that targeted Mogadishu Police Chief killed and killed four people and on Saturday.

In a statement, Somali Minister of Information Osman Dubbe said that the militant group failed their target.

“The only thing al-Shabaab terrorists and criminals know is violence, however, the Somali people will not let them destroy what we have worked so hard to create,” Information Minister Osman Dubbe said in a statement.

The minister also said the government “Al-Shabaab will never break our will, never break our spirit and never take Somalia from us. Just like Colonel Qarole, Somalia will live to fight another day. Somalia will never stop fighting al-Shabaab until we are free from their persecution and violence,”

The Somali police chief escaped unscathed on Saturday after a suicide explosion targeted his convoy in Benadir junction. The attack claimed the lives of four people including soldiers.

Al-Shabaab militants claimed responsibility for the attack saying their target was the Mogadishu police chief.

The group was driven from major cities including Mogadishu but they still carry out attacks and bombings in the capital and sometimes surrounding countries.


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