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Somali Gov't Warns Al-Shabaab & ISIS Will Capitalize On SNA Faction Clashes

Somali Gov't Warns Al-Shabaab & ISIS Will Capitalize On SNA Faction Clashes

Somali National Security Minister Hassan Hundubey has warned opposition groups to be wary of “unknown elements” including Al-Shabaab and Daesh who might seek to use the current crisis to inflict harm to the public.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday said that the government may take action to confront people with the “behaviour of militias” who are taking advantage of the situation.

“The government has enough troops to take control of the city. It is Ramadan, but more actions need to be taken to prevent it.” mr. Hundebey said.

”The reason the prime minister called for dialogue is that the government does not want the fighting to affect the residence,” he added.

The remarks by the interior minister come hours after the international partners strongly condemned the outbreak of violence in the capital.

“We are alarmed especially by the emerging fragmentation of the Somali National Army along clan lines, which detracts from its primary task of combating Al Shabab and protecting the Somali population. Use of security forces for the pursuit of political objectives is unacceptable” the statement read in part.

As tensions increase in Mogadishu following Sunday clashes between government soldiers and those who were against President Farmaajo’s two years term extension.

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