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10 militants killed in joint operation in Lower Juba

10 militants killed in joint operation in Lower Juba

Somalia National Army (SNA) and Jubbaland forces conducted a joint military operation to flush out Al-Shabaab militants in Lower Jubba on Thursday morning.

According to military officials, the joint operation will continue with an aim to flush out Al-Shabaab elements hiding in keys areas of Lower Jubba.

Bulo-Gadud District Commissioner Mahad Matan Bulle said the operation killed at least 10 al-Shabaab fighters including officials.

In the past few days, SNA forces have conducted military operations against Al-Shabaab in some parts of Lower Shabelle after Al-Shabaab militants attacked Barire and Awdhigle military bases.

The Somali military repelled the fighters after an hour of heavy fighting killing over one hundred militants.

Al-Shabaab claimed that it had killed over 60 government soldiers in the attack on the Bariire military base and seized several military vehicles.


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