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Madobe Denounces Janan As Spy Chief Fahad Yasin Heads To Gedo To Oversee Surrender Of Fugitive Minister
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Madobe Denounces Janan As Spy Chief Fahad Yasin Heads To Gedo To Oversee Surrender Of Fugitive Minister


Radio Dalsan

Somalia’s Spy chief Fahad Yassin is expected to visit Gedo region the Jubaland State of Somalia on Wednesday under tight security.

Radio Dalsan has learnt that the spy chief is en route to Beled Hawo in Gedo to witness the ‘surrender’ of Abdirashid Janan who is in the Somali-Kenyan border with his close protection team.

Speaking to BBC Somali service on Tuesday the fugitive Jubaland Security Minister said that there were ongoing talks between him and the government but there was no agreement reached.

Jubaland State leader Ahmed Islam Madobe who is currently in the capital Mogadishu for electoral talks reacted by denouncing  and sacking Janan.

The anticipated “surrender” comes at a time when there are ongoing talks in Mogadishu on the election impasse.

Analysts following up on the development give credit to clan elders. Both President Farmaajo and Janan hail from the same clan.

Jubaland is now likely to see a new face of the division following the move by Janan.

The federal government considers Janan a fugitive of justice since his high-profile jailbreak in late January 2020.

On August 31, 2019, Janan was arrested upon landing at Aden Adde International Airport in Somalia’s capital.

He was remanded in custody until he made a brief court appearance at Banadir Regional Court five weeks later.

In late January, Janan made the headlines when intense fighting broke out in Beled Hawo near the Somali-Kenyan border between Jubaland forces loyal to Abdirashid Janan and Federal Government troops.

The gunbattle led to the deaths of 11 people and the surrender of nearly 100 Jubaland fighters.

The Somali government accused Kenya of providing the rebels with the base in addition to funding and weapons. Kenya vehemently denied the charge.

By Radio Dalsan