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HirShabelle parliament extends presidential term to five years
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HirShabelle parliament extends presidential term to five years

HirShabelle parliament has on Wednesday approved a constitutional amendment by which presidential terms will be extended from four to five years in duration.

The meeting was chaired by the Speaker of the HirShabelle Parliament Abdihakim Luqman Haji Muhumed accompanied by the 2nd Deputy Speaker Mahad Hassan Osman’s agenda was to vote for the amendment of the term of office of the HirShabelle State Constitutional as lawmakers amended Articles 33 and 50 of the HirShabelle State Constitution regarding the term of the Parliament and the Presidency.

The Secretary-General of the Hir-Shabelle House of Representatives read out the provisions of the Constitution of the Hir-Shabelle State in front of the MPs regarding the powers of the Hir-Shabelle State Parliament.

The Speaker of the Hir-Shabelle Parliament also briefed the lawmakers on the constitutional provisions that need to be amended

The lawmakers unanimously approved the extension of the term of the Hirshabelle State Constitutional from 4 years to 5 years.

The Speaker of the Hir-Shabelle Parliament announced the results of the vote and said that in the presence of 70 MPs, 66 MPs approved, three rejected and one abstained, thus validating the amendments to the constitutional institutions of Hir-Shabelle State.

The move by the Hir-Shabelle parliament to extend the term of the president of Hir-Shabelle and the parliament from four years comes at a time when there is a dispute over the formation of Hir-Shabelle and residents of Hiraan region oppose the election in Jowhar.

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