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Madobe ready to ensure elections in Jubaland, if...
Somali News

Madobe ready to ensure elections in Jubaland, if...

By Yunis Dekow

Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) addressed the political situation in the country, particularly on elections and security.

He said Jubbaland was committed to participating in the country’s elections in accordance with the agreement, and that Jubbaland had the right to administer elections in its constituencies, noting that the country after every four years during a speech at civil society organizations in Kismayo.

“We want the Gedo region to be returned to Jubbaland. We want to lead Somalia to free and fair elections. We want Jubbaland to be equal to the regional governments. We want Somalis to take our stand, we and the federal government leaders.” Is it right for all administrations to hold their elections and for Jubbaland not to do so? “I leave it to the intellectuals and the Somali community at large to take action and say what makes Jubaland different from the rest,” said Ahmed Madobe.

The Jubbaland president warned of the dangers of harsh rhetoric used by federal government officials to alienate dissidents, as has been known, saying “extremist ideologies of terrorism are intolerable.”

“We are tired of conflicts and Alshabab used to kill those who have different views. These days it seems that it has started in Mogadishu and leaders telling people they would kill them calling them infidels” said Ahmed Madobe.

“I say to the Somali government, don’t play with charcoal which still has fire. You are playing with something you don’t know. Don’t play in a place you have never seen before. You are blindfolded today. Do not play in a house guarded by AMISOM soldiers,” he said. I say Somalis, come together for peace and consult, let the elections go on as usual. ”