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7 Killed Inside Ice cream Parlour in Mogadishu
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7 Killed Inside Ice cream Parlour in Mogadishu


By Yunis Dekow

At least seven people have died and more than ten others wounded after a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a restaurant called gelato Devino on Friday night.

The attack happened at Gelato Divino about in KM4 roundabout at a popular ice cream parlour.

Among those killed in the attack include was a man who works for the Somali Embassy in Somalia identified as Bishar Abdukadir who left Ethiopia Friday morning.

According to the Banadir Regional Administration Spokesman Salah Hassan Omar, Salah Dheere the injured are receiving treatment in the nearby hospital.

”We have lost seven people and more than ten others injured most of those killed are very young people,” he said.

In a statement posted on its online affiliate media, the Al-Shabaab terror group claimed resposibility for the attack saying their suicide bomber killed people.

Alqaeda linked Alshabab have been fighting in Somalia to overthrow the UN-backed fragile government and establish their own interpretation of Sharia law.

Despites lossing many territories including the capital, al-Shabaab is still capable of carrying out deadly attacks on the military bases and major towns in the horn of Africa nation and its neighbours including Kenya.

By By Yunis Dekow
Mr. Dekow is Broadcast and Digital editorial director at Dalsan Media English Service. He is also a writer, public information, media management and Strategic Communication expert.