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Assailants shot dead cab driver in Galkayo
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Assailants shot dead cab driver in Galkayo

Unknown gunmen have shot dead a young man inside a mosque in north Galkayo last night.

The man identified as Said Jama Mohamed (Said Maradona), was shot dead by gunmen inside the Abu Hurayra mosque in the Israa neighbourhood, according to residents in Galkayo.

The assailants reportedly fled the scene and no one has yet claimed responsibility for the killing.

The young man who was killed was one of the youths working as a taxi driver between Galkayo and Garowe.

Elsewhere, gunmen have shot dead a local security official in Mogadishu’s Bakara market.

Alshabab militants claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, government security forces closed some of the streets in Mogadishu this morning forcing students, commuters and pedestrians walk long distances.

Somali presidential guards blocked roads in the capital, particularly parts of Maka Al-Mukarama and the Mogadishu Port Road.

The main roads were blocked by armoured vehicles, stones and by Somali government forces, and the purpose of the closure was said to be Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble’s visit to ministries including

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