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#Hormuud Telecommunication staff killed in US airstrike in #Somalia

#Hormuud Telecommunication staff killed in US airstrike in #Somalia


By Yunis Dekow

US drone has killed a Hormuud Telecommunication Company employee in Jilib according to other officials.

Mohamud Salad, the sixty-year-old was killed at the farm, located near the town of Jilib in Lower Juba, the witnesses said.

Officials in Hormuud’s management confirmed t that two missiles had hit the manager’s farm, and he died there.

No one else was hurt in the incident. It is not known why Mohamud Haji Salat was targeted.

In a separate statement, the Federal Government of Somalia said that the man killed was a senior Al-Shabaab official.

The press release said the airstrikes on Jilib had been linked to the United States and Somalia.

However, Hormuud officials did not say whether the man who worked for him was affiliated with al-Shabaab.

Hormuud is one of the largest telecommunications conferences in Somalia

By By Yunis Dekow
Mr. Dekow is Broadcast and Digital editorial director at Dalsan Media English Service. He is also a writer, public information, media management and Strategic Communication expert.