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Jubbaland electoral body announce new schedule for Presidential poll

Jubbaland electoral body announce new schedule for Presidential poll

Jubbaland Independent Electoral Commission has announced in the schedule for upcoming regional elections on Wednesday.

In the new timetable, the presidential election will be held on Monday 19th August before the selection of the speaker of the regional parliament on Saturday 17th.

In the previous calendar, Presidential elections were set from 24th August.

The news comes as both the incumbent leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam and coalition of Jubbaland presidential candidates swore in parallel new regional parliament members.

Puntland state and main opposition political parties in the country have welcomed and put their support behind the new list by Jubbaland electoral body.

International organizations in the country led by the United Nations has called for calm stressing the need for peace and transparent elections.

A delegation from IGAD is already in Kismayo to end the stalemate.

Mohamed Guyo and his team are trying to bring the two sides by accepting the norms set aside for the realization of a transparent democratic process.

The federal government of Somalia has warned last week to turn down the outcome of the elections if the guidelines set by the Interior Ministry is not followed.

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