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National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) to Pick New Officials of Sunday

National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) to Pick New Officials of Sunday


By Yunis Dekow


Journalists under the umbrella of National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) are set to pick new officials in an elections to be held on Sunday.

This follows the commencement of General Assembly which opened Thursday with over 70 delegates from the branches arriving for the meeting taking place at the SYL Hotel, which ends on Monday.

The theme for this years’ conference is “free press, access to information is crucial for development of Somalia”.

The outgoing President of NUSOJ Mahir Jama Aden lauded the efforts of the the Ministry of Information, Culture and Toursim and Ministry of labor, Social Affairs for their collaboration and assistance to the Somali journalist union .

The outgoing leader also appreciated the efforts of journalists from the region who made it to the capital for the convention. He also thanked civil society organisations and human rights defenders and youth organizations of championing the course of journalists.

“It is great pleasure for us today since we have fulfilled the responsibilities we have been given over three years ago and now handing back over to Somali journalists who mandated us the ended term” Mahir Jama Aden President of NUSOJ said.

NUSOJ Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu said that the union still had some challenges but expressed optimism that they will sail through.

Farhiya Mohamed , who spoke on behalf of   delegates of Banadir region s said ‘ We have high expectation that accountable election for the NUSOJ management will held by the end of the NUSOJ General Assembly.”

Abukar Xildhibaan , Member of the Parliament pointed out that legislators were prepared to  support the outcome of the NUSOJ General Assembly Meeting and the election management team, and that they will continue with the necessary review on the media law before its approval.”

Osman Tahlil Shatah, Chairman of Somali Non State Actors (SONSA) the biggest civil society umberalla in South and Central Somalia  indicated NUSOJ is member of SONSA and is  platform defending the rights of the journalists and upgrading their professional skills.

The General Assembly serves as a platform to share information on the main achievements, challenges, financial reports since the last GA meeting of NUSOJ, and discuss other significant issues as per planned agenda for the meeting leading to the further development of the program’s activities for NUSOJ in the short and long term.

Among the issues to be tackled includes the financial report, code of conduct for journalists labour rights and election of new officials

By By Yunis Dekow
Mr. Dekow is Broadcast and Digital editorial director at Dalsan Media English Service. He is also a writer, public information, media management and Strategic Communication expert.