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NUSOJ announces today the date of its General Assembly Meeting

NUSOJ announces today the date of its General Assembly Meeting

By Yunis Dekow

As the term of NUSOJ governing team ends, the outgoing leadership of National Union of Somali Journalists has today officially set a date for the General Assembly kick off.

In a joint press conference held by the two-vice presidents of NUSOJ Muhudin Hassan Mahamed and Abdifatah Hassan Farah and the Secretary-General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu has officially declared that the NUSOJ conference will kick off on June 27, 2019 in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia; and more than 70 member journalists in the union from across Somalia will be invited to participate in the GA gathering.

“Today, we are quite happy to announce that after consultations with the member Somali journalists the NUSOJ General Assembly will officially start in Mogadishu. In accordance with the right way and democratic principles when the mandate of designated group ends their term they should organize an election and that is why we are here today” Muhidin Hassan Mohamed Deputy President of NUSOJ said.

Furthermore, Abdifatah Hassan Farah, Deputy President of NUSOJ mentioned the NUSOJ General Assembly meeting is intended to share information on the main achievements and challenges since the last GA meeting of the union and discuss significant issues relating with further improvement of NUSOJ.

He also said one of the important agenda the GA will be conducting fair election of new governing team of the union for the next three years.

“ I am glad today we are officially announcing the date of our General Assembly meeting after completing our three –year office term tasks, the GA meeting will focus on our past achievements and how we could jointly cooperate in addressing the challenges the journalists and the media are experiencing.” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu ,the Secretary General of NUSOJ pointed out.

The Union’s policy, objectives and priorities are decided at the General Assembly, which meets once in every three years. Six Branches of the union are entitled to send delegates to the General Assembly in proportion to the size of their membership. Policies and programs developed by the elected members are implemented and administered by the National Secretariat.

NUSOJ is governed by a Supreme Council, responsible for the general policies between General Assemblies, and an Executive Committee, in charge for the administration of the Union.

The main purpose of the GA meeting is to share information on the main achievements, challenges, financial reports since the last GA meeting of NUSOJ, and discuss other significant issues as per planned agenda for the meeting leading to the further development of the program’s activities for NUSOJ in the short and long term.

The meeting is also intending to elect new governing team of the Somali Journalists Union for the next three years term.

Journalists from various media sectors in broadcasting, newspaper, magazine and websites comprising of full members such as: reporters, writers, journalists working for news agencies, sub-editors, press photographers, assistant editors, freelance journalists, and female journalists’ groups will be attending the general assembly which is due to be elected the new management team of the union.

Since its inception in August 2002, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) has been engaged in promoting and protecting freedom of the press and the interests of journalists and defending their fundamental rights.

The union has also monitored, investigated cases of journalists’ violations, covered press freedom and labor issues and organized national acts of solidarity with victimized journalists, media professionals at risk or the families of mistreated journalists.

The NUSOJ organization is also standing for lobbying at various levels, targeting local media, local authorities, government and the international community, calling for them to respect, protect and promote media freedom, journalists’ rights and to improve unfair policies and programs.

By Yunis Dekow