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Al Shabaab's Kills Kenyan Police Officer in Dramatic Shootout

Al Shabaab's Kills Kenyan Police Officer in Dramatic Shootout

A Kenyan police officer was reportedly shot dead after Al Shabaab militia opened fire on Monday night at a location roughly 90 kilometres from Mandera town.
There was heavy fighting between the militia group and a convoy of Kenyan security agencies among them the Administration Police and Kenya Defence Forces.
According to NTV, the fighting took place at around 10pm along the Laffey-Mandera Highway

This comes shortly after the government warned of an impending attack in Mandera during the last days of the holy month of Ramadhan.
According to a police report, the Al Shabaab had allegedly been regrouping in Fino area of Mandera.
They were reportedly planning to execute an attack on Kenya’s security installation just like they did in El-Adde, an ambush that left more than 100 soldiers dead.

“Information was received that there is a massive build-up of Al Shabaab along our border within Mandera especially in Fino area where they have deployed and positioned the El-Adde brigade and are regarded as a special unit to attack our security units in Fino,” read part of the intelligence report.
The group reportedly aimed their attack at the Special Forces, KDF, Rapid Border Patrol Unit and Officers of the National Police Service.

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