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40 Killed In Hirshaballe Clan Fighting

40 Killed In Hirshaballe Clan Fighting

At least 40 people have been killed after fighting erupted between two related clans in Buur Villageg Adale  district in the Mide Shabelle  region of Hirshabelel , Radio Dalsan reports.

The latest fighting between the two clans started on Sunday morning.

Hirshabelle deputy president Ali Guudlaawe  has ordered troops sent to the region to quell the fighting.

upon the communities who are fighting at DararWeyne area in Sanaag region to stop the bloodshed between them. Brothers and sisters let’s finish our differences in a just and selfless way and respect the brotherhood between us.” a statement from Mr. Guurlaawe shared on his Facebook account said.

“Brothers and sisters a man is not born in war but die in war” Osman Muhiyidin Shaatah  Somalia South Central Non State Actors (SOSCENSA).

It is very unfortunate that in some regions violence is taking place,” said Tahliil

He added: “We demand cessation of hostilities and replaced by the pacification process spearheaded by the Somali government.”

The two pastoralist clans have been fighting over land, pasture and water for 10 years.

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