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Puntland's Gaas In Trouble Over

Puntland's Gaas In Trouble Over "Clanist" Remark

Radio Dalsan

Pressure is mounting on Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas to apologise over his recent remarks linking the people of Bay and Bakool to ISIS and Alshabaab militant groups rise in the north eastern region.

Gaas was quoted by local media to have called for the people of Puntland to unite against outsiders

“A boy from Dinsoor and Buurhakaba without house is destabilizing Puntland. Lets be united” he is quoted

His remarks have however put him in a collision course with Mps from the Digil Mirifle community who have accused Gaas of being a “racist”.

Adam Iska Deputy minister of Information of said “we can’t accept racism, prejudice discrimination and superiority”

” A boy from Buurhakaba,Diinsor are not foreigners they are in their country. I believe Puntland people are good but this idea is from Abdiweli” Adam Issak said.

Radio Dalsan