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Ex Madoobe Ally Serar Bashes Jubaland Leader Of

Ex Madoobe Ally Serar Bashes Jubaland Leader Of "Misuse Of Power" & Plans To Extend Presidency

Radio Dalsan

Abdinasir Serar former Jubaland spokesman has accused his former comrade at arms in the Ras Kiamboni Brigade regional President Ahmed Islam Madoobe of misuse of power in his reign.

Speaking to Dalsan on Saturday Serar claimed that Madoobe had breached laws and launched a campaign of fear among politicians and residents of the regional state.

He accused Madoobe of harbouring plans to extend his presidential tenure.

Serar further said in his interview that Madoobe administration had failed in the fight against Somali militant group Alshabaab. He said the administration had been reluctant in dealing with the militang group.

The former spokesman accused Madoobe of creating dissension between the Mogadishu based Federal government and the Kismayu administration.

He called for unity among politicians in the Jubaland state.

Jubaland authority is yet to respond to his castigation of the region’s president.

Radio Dalsan