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Somaliland Rejects It's Libya Returnees Diverts Plane To Garowe

Somaliland Rejects It's Libya Returnees Diverts Plane To Garowe

At least 50 returnees from Libya are stranded in Garowe after Somaliland authorities decline to allow a plane carrying them to land at the Egal International Airport, Radio Dalsan reports.

The 50 were among 150 migrants who landed in Mogadishu from Libya on Friday in a programme of voluntary repatriation by the International Organisation for Immigration (IOM).

A plane chartered by IOM was not allowed to touch down in Hargeisa and local Somaliland media quoted Egal International Airport Manager Mohamed Yusuf confirming the action by the government.

Yusuf told reporters that the plane with the returnees did not have landing permission.

Relatives of the returnees had been  waiting all day to be finally reunited with their kin but this was not to be.

A source says that the Pilot of the plane had informed the Airport that they had run out of fuel but were denied landing.

The plane was forced to deroute and land in Garowe.

IOM is in communication with Somaliland authorities to allow the 50 to return home. Out of the 150 returnees 100 are from Somaliland.

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