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What Next For A Shaky Coalition of Pro-Khaire Mps After Jawari Exit?
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What Next For A Shaky Coalition of Pro-Khaire Mps After Jawari Exit?

The resignation of long serving Speaker of the Lower House Mohamed Osman Jawari on Monday may seem to have signaled the end of a one month long political crisis pitting Parliament and the Executive.
But as Radio Dalsan has learnt the Pro-Khaire Mps who pushed for the ousting of Jawari are are most likely to disintegrate.
The Anti Jawari Mps had been a unity of convenience. Within the team they had various vested interests.
“Anti Jawari team had embarked on the mission to oust the Speaker on a one for all ticket for a one way. Now its time to return and this time they will be split in to three of four groups” Abdighani Ahmed a political commentator told told Radio Dalsan .


The Anti Jawari Mps team is a mosaic of Mps from different political persuasions.

A group of the Mps are serving Ministers and Deputy Ministers who are playing the loyal card to their boss Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

Finance Minister Abdirahman Duale Beyle, Sports and Youth’s Khadija Diriye and Internal Security Minister Mohamed Abukar Islow went public in lobbying for the ousting of Jawari.

A second group within the team belong to those from Jawari’s clan Digil Mirifle who in the battle of supremacy with South West State regional president Sharif Hassan chose the latter.

Sharif  was among those alleged to have engineered the impeachment motion on Jawari his main political threat within the South West state clan.

A third group who later joined in support are Mps with close political links to President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.
A fourth group of Mps joined the Anti Jawari team to express their grievances and protest after losing out on positions in the Parliamentary committees
Radio Dalsan has gathered that each of the above groups in the Anti Jawari team has a candidate of its choice as the clamour to appoint the new Speaker begins.


Meanwhile in the Anti-Khaire camp the Mps are said to be strategizing for a long political battle ahead.

MP Ahmed Moalim Fiqi and the Jawari team held a presser and announced they are ready for round two of the battle on the floor of the house as Parliament resumes Wednesday.

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