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Hirshabelle In Crisis As Mps Plot To Oust  President Ware
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Hirshabelle In Crisis As Mps Plot To Oust President Ware

A fresh political stalemate has emerged in the Hirshabelle State pitting President Mohamed Abdi Ware and the Speaker of the regional Parliament Osman Bare Mohamed.

The regional Parliament is now sharply divided into two rival groups of Pro Ware and Pro Mohamed Mps.

Radio Dalsan has learnt from a reliable source that rival Mps are preparing a motion of no confidence against Speaker Mohamed  and President Ware.

“45 Mps have presented their signatures against the  Speaker while 52 signatures for the motion against the President” former Spokesman Hirshabelle government Mohamed Shiine told Radio Dalsan.

To oust the President or Speaker the threshold is 66. The total number of Mps is 99. Deputy President is backing the ousting of Ware while the First Deputy Speaker is backing the President.

Sources have told Radio Dalsan that Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire met with Speaker Mohamed. The Speaker is said to have asked for backing from the Premier on the ousting of Ware to ensure legitimacy of a new government in case the motion passes through.

Pro Speaker Mps accuse Ware of not meeting his pledges including appointments. According to a regional Mp Mohamed Bashir Daqare the Speaker is accused of misconduct and absenteeism and lack of commitment and dedication to his duties.

“The Speaker has been frequently traveling out of the region when sessions are on” Daqare said. Reports are Pro Speaker Mps are also plotting a counter motion against the President.

President Ware is in Beledweyne to resolve an administrational conflict in the Hiraan region.

Mohamed Abdi Ware is in his seventh month as President was elected in September 2017 after voting by regional Mps.

Its first leader Abdullahi Ali Osoble was hounded out barely 11 months into office in a no confidence vote by the state assembly in August 2017

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