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Amisom Intervenes As Somalia Falls Deeper Into Crisis After Anti Jawari Motion Flops
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Amisom Intervenes As Somalia Falls Deeper Into Crisis After Anti Jawari Motion Flops


Radio Dalsan Reporter

The much anticipated motion of no confidence against Lower House Speaker failed to take off for a second time in a week as political crisis deepened in Somalia.

By midday Wednesday only a handful of Mps mostly from the Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari camp had sat on the Parliament hall.

There was a brief chaotic incident when Pro Jawari Mps shouted accusing Pro Prime Minister Hassan Khaire Mps of being “paid” to push for the anti Jawari motion.

Mps backing Jawari had arrived expecting to debate on the Somalia-Kenya border dispute under the Speaker.

The Pro Khaire camp had expected to vote and determine the fate of the Speaker as the business of the House under Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey.

Jawari arrived at the Parliament under heavy security but was later to return to his residence.

Mudey later arrived escorted by a contigent of the military police.

Pro Khaire Mps convened at the Premier’s residence and SYL Hotel to plot their next move.

The standoff led to Amisom Commander Brigadier Paul Lokech to intervene.
“My boss the Honorable Speaker, Professor, my elder and the Deputy Speaker” Brig Lokech said adressing Jawari and Mps at the Speaker’s Villa Hargeisa residence.

“We are here because we have an issue which is going on. The issue is between the legislature and the arm of the government which is the executive” Brig Lokech said seeking the Mps to resolve their differences and reminded how he led troops to capture Mogadishu from Alshabaab in 2011 as sacrifice to Somalia.

At the same time the Military, Police, NISA and Prisons Chiefs held a Press Conference accusing Jawari of violating security procedures by entering Parliament with armed guards.

“17 laws passed by the cabinet last year never made it to the house floor, including the anti terrorism law because the speaker has been holding all our work hostage, he often misguided the MPs, but, now adding all that to what he did today, its another chapter of him we are just learning” Mp Sagal Bihi said.

Last Saturday President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo intervened to resolve the crisis by suspending the motion.

Protegents of the motion say Jawari has in the past been an impediment to Parliamentary procedures.

By Radio Dalsan Reporter