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Jawari Accuses Farmaajo Of
Somali News

Jawari Accuses Farmaajo Of "Interfering" With The Impeachment Motion

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Somalia’s Lower House of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has issued a statement late Friday accusing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo of “illegally” interfering with the pending impeachment motion.
Jawari claims that Farmaajo ordered for the deployment of  military police in the Parliament ahead of the motion.
“Today on 30th march 2018.The PoliceChief of the Federal government came to the office of the Chairperson who had a letter ordering the officer in charge of the security force and Amison officer in charge to only listen and obey the vice chairman of the house of which the epistle was issued from the president’s office” Jawari stated.
“Now it is clear that the President has forgotten the responsibility he had in protecting the rule of law and the constitution which stated in section 87 and section 3 part four that taking responsibility independently and having the prowess of legalization and fulfillment on the judiciary is unaccepted and not lawfully” Jawari said.
Jawari asserted that he is the one who should be legally in charge of the proceedings and not his deputy Abdiweli Mudey.
“The police officers in charge of the security forces are reminded that the constitution of the Somali federal government in section 127 that in giving instructions they should always acts as mediators who balance both sides.therefore the command that is being followed in the parliament house is only given by the chairperson Mohammed sh Osman Jawari in concurrent with the constitution and the Lower House speaker considers this epistle null and void” he stated.
“Since the parliament house have been out un lawful security forces who are not taking orders from the chairperson, members of the parliament are urged to defend their immunity, sanctity and their house” he added.
Farmaajo has remained tight-lipped since the current crisis emerged.
Parliamentarians on Saturday will vote to decide on whether Jawari will remain Speaker or end his six years reign.
The motion is seen as proxy political battle between Jawari and Prime Minister Hassan Khaire.
Proponents of the motion accuse him of being an impediment to parliamentary procedures.
Radio Dalsan Reporter