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Battlelines Drawn As Pro Khaire & Pro Jawari Face Off In Saturday Impeachment Motion
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Battlelines Drawn As Pro Khaire & Pro Jawari Face Off In Saturday Impeachment Motion

The Somali capital Mogadishu is under a heavy presence of security personnel ahead of  the vote on the motion of no confidence against the Lower House Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari expected to be the most dramatic political event in the country’s recent history.

Mogadishu city has literally been turned into one big military camp with the deployment of Somalia National Army soldiers, NISA agents, police and Amisom troops in and around Parliament and other strategic points in the city.

On the eve of the much anticipated motion last minute lobbying continued with Pro-Jawari and Pro Khaire camps each bragging to have the numbers before the big political showdown on the floor of the house.

Both Speaker Jawari and Deputy Speaker Abdiweli issued statements on Friday conflicting on who is to in charge of the Parliamentary proceedings on Saturday.

Mudey  issued a statement to affirm he was in charge and gave instruction regarding the security arrangement on Saturday.

“Therefore am instructing them in cooperation with the responsibility of the members of the parliament that the police are responsible for the keys to the parliament house and no one else,and they should be accounted for any damage caused to the house” he said in his statement

“During parliamentary meeting on Saturday 31st march 2018 we resist and reject any weapon to be allowed near the parliament house except the security forces who are to secure the house” he added.

Embattled Speaker Jawari asserted that he is in charge of the Saturday proceedings and asked for the withdrawal of new troops that had been deployed at the Parliament buildings.

“It has never happened in the history of Somalia’s cabinet ministry to violate its respect by besieging Parliament.This is something that has never happened before and if such things happen it is a sign of danger that can create a sense of following coup”  Jawari said in a statement

“Keeping the house secure is the responsibility of the chair person. For the member of the parliament to express their ideas and views firmly. Otherwise this will cause the citizens to take the law in their hand and defend their house of which can result to rise of tension, instability and many more problems, thus I warn the implementation branch not to interfere us as we did not and remove your troops and bring back the trained ones for this job” he added.

For the Pro Khaire Mps to take the day they have to attain the 184 votes threshold which they are yet to confirm ahead of the motion.

Mps backing the impeachment accuse Jawari of being an impediment Parliamentary proceedings.

Jawari has been the Speaker since 2012.

Somalia waits in anticipation and with the stakes high a throwback to the dramatic 2004 Mp fist fight at Chester House Nairobi triggered by the debate on whether to allow frontline states troops in the country or not.





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