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Pro-Jawari MPs Demand Speaker Motion Venue Moved To UN-Amisom Base Alleging Interference & Threats
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Pro-Jawari MPs Demand Speaker Motion Venue Moved To UN-Amisom Base Alleging Interference & Threats

Somali Parliamentarians affiliated to embattled Speaker of the Lower House Mohamed Osman Jawari now demand that the venue of the planned vote of no confidence be moved to the United Nations and Amisom base at Halane in the capital Mogadishu.

The MPs who some allege to have received death threats for their stand in the ongoing political crisis say a neutral venue would assure credibility to the voting process pointing out that Parliament buildings are still under military police that were recently deployed reportedly under the orders of the executive.

“As you know the Parliament buildings are still under the control of the military police. The  Speaker had demanded the withdrawal of the extra military police citing interference of Parliament procedures. This has not happened and the forces remain in control “ Muhamud Abukate told Radio Dalsan in an exclusive interview.

MP Jama Mohamed Askar participating in a debate on Somali Cable TV  on Tuesday night claimed that MPs from the Jawari camp were receiving threats.

“A lady sitting with me got a call from the PM office threatening her to change her stand ” Askar claimed.

Mp Abdihakim Moalim Ahmed from the Jawari camp pointed out that the Security Minister and security agents cannot be trusted claiming they are part of a bigger plan to oust the speaker.

Politician Ali Yare Ali and close ally of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo asserted that 2016 the parliament still there at Halane

Radio Dalsan has learnt that Speaker Jawari has sent an official letter to request the international community to pressure the executive to have the military police deployed at the Parliament buildings withdrawn or have the voting conducted in Halane.

MPs from both sides are pointing fingers at each other for alleged plans to derail the motion.

An MP from the Khaire camp Mohamed Hassan Idris issued a statement claiming that he had received death threats from an MP from the Jawari camp over his stand.

“An MP phoned me and demanded that I change my stand or else my life will be on the line. It is unfortunate that in this era an MP still believes in the use of PKM and AK47” Idris who said he will release an audio of the telephone conversation with the Pro Jawari  Mp posted on his Facebook account.

A number of MPs on the Jawari camp have share similar sentiments that they fear for their security out of their stand in the ongoing crisis.

“The presence of the military police and unusual military activity at the Parliament buildings lives many questions unanswered. Will the voting process be credible in a tense environment?” Omar Adam a security analyst told Radio Dalsan.

Somalia has been treated to this latest political crisis that followed a failed vote of no confidence against Jawari allegedly masterminded by the Prime Minister throwing the country in tension.

The International community has added its voice saying the Jawari-Khaire crisis tarnishes the name of Somalia and that it “risks derailing hard-earned political economic, economic and security achievements”

“Activities that increase tensions leading to possible violence should be avoided at all costs” a statement by the international community said.

The voting is set for Saturday. For Parliament to impeach Jawari a two-thirds threshold of 184 votes has to be attained.

A counter vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister is in the pipeline. The 2017 Presidential elections were held within the UN-Amisom base after similar concerns were raised.


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