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ONLF Jailed Leader Qalbi Dagah Undergoing
Somali News

ONLF Jailed Leader Qalbi Dagah Undergoing "Torture" To "Confess", Rebel Group Says

Radio Dalsan Reporter

The Ethiopian separatist rebel group ONLF has claimed that its leader Abdikarin Sheikh Muse “Qalbi Dagah” has been undergoing torture and forced confessions.

ONLF spokesman Abdikadir Hirmoge told Radio Dalsan that that “Qalbi Dagah” was being mistreated in an Ethiopian detention camp.

“Abdikarim Sheikh Muse was detained in Ethiopia’s intelligence camp in one of the neighbourhoods in Addis Ababa. For the last two weeks, he was being pressured to go to Jigjiga, speak at TVs, praise the Ethiopian administration and call for support to the Ethiopian government” Hirmoge claimed.

“They severely tortured him. He was tortured three times. Since he was taken to Ethiopia, he was subjected to mental pressure, isolation and mistreatments that are against the rights of political prisoners and the international law but he stood up. So it’s expected that he will be faced with a problem” Hirmoge said.

“The Ethiopian government showed the world that they released prisoners and sold to the world that they will make a change. Up to now, several thousands of people among them nine Somalis are detained in the central jail that is called Qaliti located at the outskirt of Addis Ababa. 80% of those held in other detention camps in other regions of Ethiopia are Somalis. Also, there detent camps that are full in the Somali region especially those ones in Jigjiga and Gothey. So it’s only Abdikarim. There are many ONLF politicians and fighters and innocent Somalis mostly migrants detained” he said.

Qalbi Dagah was arrested by the Somali government and later handed over to the Ethiopian government on August 28, 2017.

Radio Dalsan Reporter