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Liberate Somalia From Alshabaab, Galmudug Tells Military Soldiers
Somali News

Liberate Somalia From Alshabaab, Galmudug Tells Military Soldiers

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Galmudug state’s Chief Minister Mohamed Shakir Ali Hassan told military soldiers that they should liberate Alshabaab from Somalia.

Speaking at a passing out of military officers, Mr. Hassan said that they will have to defeat Alshabaab.

“We are saying that our efforts are starting to bear fruits. You should be ready liberate Somalia from Alshabaab. Liberate it from the enemy that is fighting and destroying the public. The enemy that doesn’t leave the old, the wise, the scholar or children,” Mr. Hassan said.

Mr. Hassan appreciated the trainees for their commitment in the course and said that Galmudug administration will motivate them to perform their duties.

“Thank you for completing your training. God willing we will strive to support you and take care of the military’s needs so that you take care of your people,” said the First Minister.

“After a lot of trainees pass out from this Balihowd training school, another new lot comes in,” he said in reference to the continuity of Galmudug’s military recruitment and training.

Mr. Hassan was the leader of Ahlul Sunna Wal Jama’a which recently merged with Galmudug administration after a power-sharing deal was signed.