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90 Somalis To Be Taken To Niger After Declining Evacuation Back From Libya
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90 Somalis To Be Taken To Niger After Declining Evacuation Back From Libya

At least 90 Somalia nationals have opted to be taken to a refugee camp in Niger instead of being evacuated back home.

Somalia Ambassador to the European Union Ali Said Fiqi said in his Facebook post that they had visited the Khubz Detention Center 90km from Tripoli to register Somalia nationals intending to be evacuated.

“Many of those who refused to return back say if they go back to Somalia they will not get a livelihood. Others say their parents have been killed in Somalia and fear AlShabaab. Some say their parents have spent a lot of money for them to reach Libya and opt to try their luck to reach Europe” Dr Fiqi said in an interview with SNTV.

“So far we have registered 40 people and tomorrow we are going to visit the biggest detention camp to register more nationals willing to return back home. If we get a big number we will   charter a plane but if the number will be less we will use British Airways” Dr. Fiqi said

According to Fiqi at least 90 declined the offer to return home opting to be resettled at a UNHCR camp in Niger and seek asylum.

Video of Somali nationals being tortured in smugglers camp in Libya triggered a nationwide outcry that led to the government to launch the evacuation programme.

“People have been tortured. Some have been severely beaten up with metals and others with plastic tubes. Some were forced to drink their own urine. Anyone who becomes sick will not be treated,” said the Ambassador.

Amb. Fiqi, however, gave a shocking revelation that there were reported cases where the Libyan detentions have been selling detainees to the smugglers.

Dr. Fiqi added that the weak Libyan government can’t hold the perpetrators accountable for their criminal acts.

So far 11 Somalia nationals have been evacuated back home safely.

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