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Farah Maalim Mocks ONLF-Ethiopia Talks But Criticized For Meddling In Addis Affairs
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Farah Maalim Mocks ONLF-Ethiopia Talks But Criticized For Meddling In Addis Affairs

Kenya´s former Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim has warned of an alleged conspiracy by Ethiopia to divide Somalis.

Maalim has been critical of the Farmaajo administration and its recent handing over of ONLF leader Abdikarin Muse Qalbi Dhagah to Ethiopia

“I asked one of the ONLF leaders, what forced you not be mindful and learn lessons on why the Ethiopian is playing on you? He said you have not seen how Somalia is treating us by handing us over every day? Maalim said

“Previously Hargeysa people used to hand us over. Now everyone is competing to hand us over. Those in Galmudug and the central government are each competing to use Qalbi Dhagah to get a face from the Ethiopian” Maalim related.

“So that man said there is no Somali. That has planned for it. I am showing you that when Qalbi Dhagah was taken from the place after being thoroughly beaten and broken in the country he struggled and severally injured for, when he was taken there he was told that he came into his country. He was settled in a good place. He was given a doctor, medicine and all he wanted. They are showing him that they are closer to him than the other Somali.” Maalim said of his talk with the ONLF leader.

“Unless Somalis are divided and divided into clans, they can’t be defeated. The British have done that. Italy has done that. France has done that. And the Ethiopians are now doing it. Haile Selassie also did the same before,” he added.

Maalim´s sentiments has been received with mixed reaction.

Horn Regional Affairs expert Dr Moha Jirre is of the opinion that Maalim´s utterances are ill advised and a set back to peace and reconciliation  between ONLF and Ethiopia government and the people of the Somali region 5.


“Maalim and I quote said “Ethiopia has welcomed its own citizen Qalbi Dhagah, with high moral of humanity , and provide him a medical treatment”. Why is he saddened by the just treatment of Qalbi Dhagah? What was he expecting to see? Did he want the Ethiopian government to torture and punish Qalbi Dhagah? “ Dr Moha told Radio Dalsan in a phone interview.

Dr. Moha Farah Jire, Regional Affairs Analyst


“Ethiopia is a tolerant country which respects the international human rights rules and regulations but at the same time ensure that its security is not disturbed. Farah Maali has crossed lines and indulged himself in other countries affairs . He is not a Somalia national he is Kenyan I would suggest he focuses on what he can contribute to Kenya and its people including Somali Kenyans who have been marginalized for many years” Dr Moha challenged Maalim accusing him of being clan oriented.

“I would kindly say to Farah Ma’alim , people will remember you always for your clan minded mentality , it’s easy to condemn systems but it takes a great politician to build concrete things for his people, Somali’s are still suffering to live in Eastleigh , Nairobi, so you better contribute and bring people together instead of working hard and inputting regional disturbances” she said.

“Ethiopia is open for all its citizens there for it has reached historical achievement for national and nationalities without differentiating citizens, we are eager in the ONLF group’s willingness to establish peace and stability in Ethiopia. It is achievable.” Dr Moha added accusing

“Ethiopia will no longer tolerate evil hands on the regions affairs, I hope the ONLF negotiations is fruitful.I am positive the President of region 5 of Ethiopia Mr Abdi Mohamoud Omar Illey has the capacity to deal with his people and settle them home sweet home with welcoming hearts and I believe the region had much potential things to contribute and develop instead of focusing the negativity of destruction” Dr Moha concluded.


The Kenyan politician has been vocal in criticizing the Ethiopian and Somalia government.

His comments come a day after talks between Ethiopian separatist rebel group ONLF and Ethiopia government kicked off in the Kenya capital Nairobi.

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