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Mogadishu’s Charismatic Mayor Opens Up On Why He Wears A Red Arm Band & His Love For Manchester United

Mogadishu’s Charismatic Mayor Opens Up On Why He Wears A Red Arm Band & His Love For Manchester United

In an exclusive interview with Horn Cable TV, Mogadishu Mayor Thabit Abdi Mohamed shades light on a number of issues around him that have lately been a subject of discussion.

Thabit a youthful leader has become one of the most popular leaders in Somalia. There were was a heated debate on the strength on the status of the city in the recent days. So I summed up the most interesting responses to this interview.

1.       Explain the red armband.

Thabit said that the red armband he wears is a symbol of respect to the people who lost their lives in the October 14 Zobe attack. He said he will remove it only after the planned monument to honour the victims of the attack is erected.

2.       Delay of the Banadir Regional Development Conference

Mayor Thabit explained that the conference was postponed due to logistical issues. He confirmed that that the conference will be held. He denied claims that the conference was blocked by the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre.

3.       The Status Of Banaadir Region

Thabit believes that it is a must for the city to have its own status. “This issue is before the two Houses of Somalia. It’s not possible for three million people who live in this region to be without representatives. We will place the views of the people of this region before the two houses”, Thabit who is also the Governor of Banaadir.

4.       The conflict between him and the Prime Minister Kheyre

Mr. Thabit denied reports saying that he is in conflict with the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre and termed it as ‘market stories’.


5.       On The Status of  Banaadir Region

Mayor Thabit said, “we have to respect everyone’s views, but I believe that the city must have its own status”. He pushed aside reports claiming that he wants the establishment of a separate regional administration. “The rights of the people who live in the city are being waited from the two Houses of Somalia” he added.

6.       Are Diaspora Somalis Getting Preferential Treatment In Employment?

The Mayor believes that the Somali diaspora people are not the same as the rest of the people in the world as they are fully aware of their country and people so much. “They are people who always used to come, work and help the society and that’s why I selected them,” said Thabit Abdi.

7.       Increasing the annual budget of Banaadir region?

He reiterated the need to increase the annual budget in order to do cater more for health, education, sanitation and development of the region. He says the administration proposal for the increment is yet to be approved downplaying claims that he had been the increment.

8.       On his favourite Food, sports and his free time?


There was a light moment at the conclusion when asked the kind of food he likes and said he loves traditional Somali food. He said he reads messages from the public whether they complain of appreciations. On sports, he said he will soon return the local government team. About the European teams, he said he is a fan of England’s Manchester United and Spain’s Real Madrid. Thabit says he loves reading books about the history of Mogadishu.

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