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Somalia Calls For “Unconditional End” To Military Confrontation Between Somaliland & Puntland

Somalia Calls For “Unconditional End” To Military Confrontation Between Somaliland & Puntland

The Federal Government of Somalia on Wednesday expressed its concern about escalating violence in the disputed Sool region following the capture of Tukaraq town demanding an end to the military confrontation.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Information Somalia calls for “immediate and unconditional end” to the fighting in the region.

“The FDG of Somalia call on all sides to immediately without condition to stop the conflict in Tukaraq area of Sool region. The FDG plans to solve all conflicts through peaceful means as violent breeds violent” Information Minister Abdirahman Osman tweeted.

“The Federal government plans to immediately stop the clashes and calls on Somaliland and Puntland, leaders in those areas, community elders, elites and other concerned members of the society to take exclusive responsibility on how to stop those clashes and work with the government in restoring peace and bringing the brothers closer to each other” a statement from the government said.

“The Federal government is initiating efforts to create a lasting peace among all the affected areas and it’s unfortunate that there are unnecessary clashes which will give an opportunity to all those who are anti-peace and development” it added.

Somaliland on Monday captured the strategic town of the Puntland administrated Tukaraq.

Both Somaliland and Puntland have deployed more troops close to Tukaraq in anticipation of a farther military confrontation.

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