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Hirshabelle Launches Military Operation Against Alshabab

Hirshabelle Launches Military Operation Against Alshabab

Somalia’s South Central region of Hiraan on Tuesday declared a military operation against militant group Alshabaab.

In a Press Conference in Beledweyne Somalia National Army Commander of the 10th brigade Gen. Ahmed Tabane Gurey told reporters that SNA together with Ethiopian troops has renewed their military operation in the region to rout out pockets of  Alshabaab resistance.

“Operations have begun in this Hiraan region especially the hilly areas between Beledweyne, Mahaas and Matabaan districts. The enemy has tried to cut those towns apart” said Gen. Gurey.

Alshabaab which controls a number of remote village in the region has in  the past executed attacks on the Ethiopian Amisom troops, SNA and Somali Police including

Recently there were efforts to secure the whole of the Hir-Shabelle state from Alshabaab militants and open closed roads to enable free movement of the locals.

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