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Mogadishu Belongs To All, Ex PM Ali Ghedi Tells To  Politician Abdishakur
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Mogadishu Belongs To All, Ex PM Ali Ghedi Tells To Politician Abdishakur

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Former Prime Minister Ali Gedi has broke his silence over the latest political scenario in Somalia warning that the country may fall back to civil war if politicians are not responsible of their utterances.

Gedi who served under the late President Abdullahi Yusuf’s Transitional Federal Government responded to freed Wadajir Party leader alleged utterances indicating a certain community’s supremacy over the capital Mogadishu.

“Nobody is a visitor in Mogadishu. There are some politicians who are seeking power by dividing the country and am telling them to be careful” said Gedi,

” A lot of blood was shed for Somalia to have this government. Politicians should appreciate and put this in mind” Gedi said.

“When this current government was formed there were plans to have it destabilised from the word go and this may take us back to the dark days” Gedi warned.

“The government is not against the opposition but it is against opposition that intends to destabilise the government. It is democratic for the opposition to advise the government when it errs but not to destabilise it” he added.

Abdishakur through his Twitter account has however denied issuing any utterances similar to what is alleged.

“Setting the record again that every Somali has equal right in Mogadishu city and no one can claim its belonging. These cheap propaganda is another attempt to tarnish my credibility facilitated by the same people who killed six innocent lives attacked and kidnapped me” Abdishakur tweeted.

Last weeks arrest and detention of Wadajir Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur saw the country politically divided with the government claiming that the politician had been funded by foreign countries to destabilise Somalia while his supporters said the government was clamping down on opposition amd democracy.

Radio Dalsan Reporter