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Ex PM  Sharmake Protests Arrest of Abdishakur
Somali News

Ex PM Sharmake Protests Arrest of Abdishakur

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Former Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmake has protested the arrest of former Presidential candidate Abdirahman Abdirashid and warned that Somalia may slip back to civil war if the government continues to clamp down on dissenting voices.

Speaking to VOA Somalia Sharmake denied together with opposition leader Abdirahman Abdishakur had planned to destabilize the government.

“No I have never organized for an impeachment of current President Farmaajo. Together with Abdishakur we supported Farmaajo after we lost to him in the elections and gave our supporting votes from Mps that is why he is president today. we don’t follow blindly we have to give good advise to him. if he does not appreciate this it is too bad for him. Issuing decrees everyday left right and center will not help this country” Sharmake said in the interview.


“Abdishakur has the right to criticize the government .That is not the democratic way. every one has a right to voice his thoughts.

That is the democratic way. otherwise it is a dictatorship to clamp down on dissenting voices” said Sharmake

Sharmake who is now a Senate and an advisor to the United Arab Emirates has in the past been reported to have close political links to Abdishakur.

“If we don’t speak out on how Abdishakur was arrested we will see a return to civil war. the way in which the government is doing to clamp down opposition is the wrong way” he said

“The government has raided a home of a politician. we have to take so that it does not go on to another home of a politician. when water floods into one house and we dont stop it will go to the next house. we have to talk. it will go on if we don’t give advise” he warned.

“They say that the politicians committed treason. the ones who committed treason is actually them. they gave a Somali citizen and a Somali military the government gave him to a foreign country. even the parliament said this was wrong” a hard talking Sharmake said


Radio Dalsan reported on Tuesday that the Attorney General office is in the process of issuing a warrant of arrest for the former Premier for allegedly receiving funds from foreign countries to destabilize Somalia

Radio Dalsan Reporter