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Somali National Security Forum Ends With Agreement  To Charter Future After Amisom Exit
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Somali National Security Forum Ends With Agreement To Charter Future After Amisom Exit


Radio Dalsan Reporter

A high forum security meeting chaired by President of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmaajo” ended on Monday with participants signing an agreement that will see a road map to implement security in the country.

Participants included Federal Member States of Somalia and the Benadir Regional Administration and army chiefs.

The conference was co-convened by the United Nations and African Union, and attended by 29 of Somalia’s friends and partners.


“The Somalia Security Conference offered a pivotal opportunity to reflect on the progress made by the Federal Government of Somalia, the Federal Member States, and Benadir Regional Administration supported by the international community, in reforming the security sector” a communique at the end of the meeting.

“Notable achievements include agreement of the implementation plan for the National Security Architecture, the integration of 2,400 Puntland troops into the SNA, and the completion of the Operational Readiness Assessments as an essential component for ‘right-sizing’ and reforming the Somalia National Army (SNA) and the Somali Police Force. Participants commended this first realistic assessment and looked forward to the assessment of regional and local forces to complete the picture and form the foundation for transition over the coming years” it stated.


The participants agreed that the three priorities for immediate action were Implementation of the National Security Architecture, Urgent development of a realistic conditions-based transition plan with clear target dates to transfer security responsibility from AMISOM to Somali security forces; the completion and implementation of which will be essential to enable sustainable and predictable financing for Amisom and Continued international support to build the capacity of Somali security forces and institutions targeted in line with needs emerging from progress on the above priorities.

The next Security Conference will be held alongside the next Somali Partnership Forum in 2018 in order to assess progress and set the priorities for the next phase.

By Radio Dalsan Reporter