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81 Alshabab Killed In Jilib Op, Somalia Govt Says
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81 Alshabab Killed In Jilib Op, Somalia Govt Says

Somalia’s Information Minister Abdrahman Omar Osman on Saturday said that Somalia National Army troops made an offensive near Alshabaab controlled town of Jilib.

“Somali Security forces conducted special operation in Jilib district and destroyed Al-Shabaab camp where terrorists were regrouping to launch attacks at Gedo region area” Osman tweeted in his official Twitter account.

“81 of militants were killed, number of vehicles and heavy weapons destroyed” the minister added.

It is not yet clear whether this number is separate from the militants killed in the last 24 hours by US airstrikes near Mogadishu.

Alshabaab Military Spokesman Abu Musab through its the Alqaeda linked group’s affiliate websites has denied there being any attack on it’s camp in Jilib.

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