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Mogadishu Bans Tankers & Overloaded Trucks From City

Mogadishu Bans Tankers & Overloaded Trucks From City

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Somalia’s capital Mogadishu’s  administration has banned tankers and overloaded trucks from accessing the city two weeks after two terror attacks killed at least  427 people.

Mayor Thabit Mohamed issued the  directive on Tuesday saying that trucks and tankers will not be allowed in the city during day time.

The ban is from 07:00am to 8:00 pm.

A penalty of $1,000 will be slapped on the owner of the vehicle if the ban is flouted.

The administration is positive that the ban will improve security in the capital that has continued to be a target of militant group AlShabaab’s attacks.

On 28 October 27 people were killed when an explosive laden  truck blasted outside the Nasa Hablood 2 Hotel followed by a siege.

Two trucks were involved in the October 14 bombings that is the country’s deadliest ever single attack.