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NUSOJ is not an individual property but a trade union of Somali journalists

NUSOJ is not an individual property but a trade union of Somali journalists

NUSOJ strongly condemns in the most emphatic terms, the falsely misleading statement circulated by Omar Faruk Osman in which it is claimed that the European Union trademark court decreed admissible judicial action against the elected Secretary General of National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu.

Consultation by the European Union trademark court with the European Union Mission in Somalia will reveal that it is the claimant Omar Faruk Osman who is a fraud in all claims relating to NUSOJ. It is Omar Faruk Osman who is misusing the trade mark of the organisation which voted him out of office in 2011.

NUSOJ is a national entity owned by Somali journalists, and its members in Somalia are its decision makers. An attempt to register a Somali organization’s trademark in an EU court in Spain in anticipation that ignorance of the situation on the ground will bring about a court action, indicates the desperate level to which Omar Faruk Osman’s counterfeit claims have fallen. The number of organisations that are aware of the reality is increasing. The number of distant organisation which through their lack of knowledge he is able to deceive with lies, fraud and misrepresentation are diminishing. Thus, this latest attempt to further his self-interest with unfounded claims is made outside the East African region to a section of the European Union that has no knowledge of his infamy or ignominious ousting from NUSOJ.

However, in the interest of the Somali journalists’ and media community this matter, as with other falsehoods made by this person, must be addressed. The particular issue of trademark was recently discussed within NUSOJ, after an approach from Omar Faruk Osman on 18 August, 2017 to a member of NUSOJ steering committee in Mogadishu, demanding the purchase of the NUSOJ trademark which he claimed he had registered in the European Union trademark court. The Executive Committee and Supreme Council of NUSOJ duly met on 21st August, 2017 in an extraordinary meeting which unequivocally rejected any demands made by this person.

It is understood that Omar Faruk Osman’s case to the European Court was that he had been given permission by NUSOJ to register its trade mark. The NUSOJ Executive Committee and Supreme Council regrets that the European Union trademark court did not seek confirmation of this claim from the legitimate NUSOJ, but knows from the numerous, dishonest cases since 2011 the skills with which Omar Faruk Osman perpetuates his deceit on unsuspecting organisations and individuals.

“It is ironic and unprecedented in Somali’s history that somebody dreams to gain profit by registering the trademark of a local Somali Journalists’ Trade Union in a court that has no jurisdiction in the territory in which that trademark is used. I believe there is no way that an EU court decision could rule anything in Somalia. Somalia is not an EU member” Mahir Jama Aden NUSOJ President said.

“NUSOJ has referred this case to Somalia’s Office of Attorney General and the Supreme Court to take the appropriate action. As Omar Faruk Osman failed in his false claims in the internal law enforcement agencies in Somalia he is now trying to find support from a court in Spain, thousand miles away from Somalia” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu the elected Secretary General of NUSOJ said.

We await with interest the reaction of the European Union trademark court, when it is informed of the fraudulent claims to which it has been subjected and remain available to assist it in understanding the real situation. This is also true for the legal firm based in Alicante, Spain, that had been misled into representing Omar Faruk Osman’s false claims to the European Union court.


NUSOJ held its most recent election in May 2016, in a three-week General Assembly held in Mogadishu, attended by representatives from the union’ regional branches. The election was carefully observed by representatives from the Somali Appeals Court. The election of Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu as its Secretary General was officially endorsed by the Somalia’s Supreme Court.


National Union of Somali Journalists, NUSOJ.

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