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Why Aynte Resigned As Somali Envoy To UK

Why Aynte Resigned As Somali Envoy To UK


Radio Dalsan Reporter

The name Abdi Aynte rings a bell to many and has almost been synonymous with a rising Somalia that has been trying to shrug from the effects of more than two decades of civil war a poster boy of the horn of African country’s success story in the face of challenges.

With the take over of leadership by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo early 2017 he was among the personality the government trusted would deliver if offered a public office.

And in June Abdirahman Yusuf Ali Aynte  was appointed the Somalia Ambassador to the UK.

Barely four months into the job seen by many as highly placed and lucrative Aynte has opted to tender his resignation.

Radio Dalsan has learnt  that the envoy resigned because of lack of cooperation from Mogadishu.

Aynte is said to have been frustrated by the failure of the federal government to meet its financial commitments enable him run the London office.

According close source to Aynte he had time and again requested Farmaajo administration to support the office financially but the response remained negative.

A similar grievance is shared by a majority of other Somali diplomatic missions that Radio Dalsan managed to speak to on Tuesday.

Aynte has confirmed to have secures a senior position in the UN and will now be based in Amman Jordan overseeing the Middle East region Radio Dalsan confirmed.

The former Planning Minister in the Omar Sharmake cabinet has had a successful career in government.

During his tenure as Planning Minister from 2015 to 2017 Aynte was credited with overseeing the drafting of Somalia’s first National Development Plan (NDP) a three-year comprehensive economic recovery blueprint.

Aynte has also been credited with the release of the first Population census in Somalia in 30 years.

“Of all the ministers Somalia has had during the civil war he can be considered as one of the most accomplished minister” Mohamed Abdirahman a Somalia political analyst told Radio Dalsan.

Before his appointment as Envoy the former BBC and Aljazeera journalist  served as  HIPS  Institute boss the first Somali think tank which he founded.


By Radio Dalsan Reporter