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Puntland DP Amey Leaves For Zambia After Clash With Gaas Over Kismayo Meeting
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Puntland DP Amey Leaves For Zambia After Clash With Gaas Over Kismayo Meeting

Radio Dalsan Reporter

Embattled Puntland Deputy President Mohamed Amey may be a subject of an impeachment after splits emerged with President Abdiweli Gaas over the planned Kismayo meeting.

The two have been sharply divided over whether to attend the meeting aimed at resolving relations with the federal government in the wake of the Galmudug crisis.

Amey opposed Puntland’s participation on grounds that it ought to be in Mogadishu the capital.

Gaas has reiterated that Puntland will be part of the Kismayo meeting and already a delegation from Garowe is in the Jubaland capital.

A source has told Radio Dalsan that Gaas and Amey are not in talking terms following the disagreement.

The crisis has forced Amey to take leave and is said to have flown out of the country to Lusaka Zambia to be with family.

Puntland MPs opposed to Amey are reportedly planning for an impeachment of the Deputy President on allegation that he received an unspecified amount of money from the federal government to scatter the Kismayo meet.

“If the claims could be substantiated then that could be a game changer that may lead to Amey’s ousting” Abdi Osman a Puntland analyst told Radio Dalsan.

This is the second time Gaas and Amey who assumed the office under a power sharing to include all clans are locked in a political loggerhead.

He has in the past backed Mogadishu against the regional President.

A similar clash between the Deputy and the President led to a major crisis in neighboring Galmudug.

Radio Dalsan Reporter